Metal Roofing

One of the most versatile and durable types of roofing comes in the form of metal roofing. Unlike its traditional counterparts of asphalt and tile roofing, metal roofing can last up to 20-50 years, depending on the specific material. Moreover, its fire-resistance and solid, but lightweight nature ensures added durability to your home in cases of fires, heavy winds, or impacts.

When you need new roofs for your property, our roofing contractor is ready to assist you with a wide variety of styles. Metal roofing is a smart choice in the long run, as their surfaces are impervious to rain and snow through interlocking design. Since metal is a natural reflector of solar heat, day heat is minimized and necessary cooling costs are cut. It is also an environmentally friendly choice, as it is easily recycled at the end of its roofing life.

At Clyde Tyer Roofing Company, we provide a full line of residential and commercial roofing products from the top manufacturers in America. When you are looking for a new metal roof that will last you for years to come, rely on our professional roofing company to assist you in the general Lakeland, FL area.